John Fairfax Heritage Building

Heritage, Painting
East Sydney, NSW

Heritage Works for this 1858 Building

This historic house located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs was built way back when in 1858. An amazing example of the Victorian Free Gothic Style, the John Fairfax Heritage Building is now, quite rightly, heritage-listed. We felt extremely privileged to be awarded these works.


Working closely with a team of architects and heritage specialists, this restoration is a testament to our teams’ knowledge of the specifics surrounding working on heritage buildings. Specialist application both in preparation and remediation was required, with each step inspected to ensure the character, heritage elements and period features were not lost with the restoration.


Communication, project management and understanding of delivering high-end heritage projects was why IAS was awarded the project. The project was delivered on budget, met the client’s deadline, and was completed to the satisfaction of heritage works teams. Another historic Sydney building restored to its original pristine condition!

Works Performed

  • Heritage Works
  • Specialist Applications
  • Collaboration with Heritage Specialists

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